How it all started?

In 2018, Simon, our CEO was an industrial design student in uni and started to think about what his first product should be, once he got out of school. 

In an increasingly digital world where cash is being used less and less, we wondered what the place of the traditional wallet in our lives was.

Often cumbersome and heavy, the traditional wallet that we had no longer met our needs. We thought long and hard about what our true essentials were to carry on a daily base. For us, these are our keys, our phone, our wallet and our headphones. Precisely in our wallet, we realized that the majority of its content was cards (and a 20$ emergency bill).

Then, we got to work have and designed several prototypes to try to find the most efficient way to carry all our belongings and still be compact. Our first prototypes were made of paper and green tape (very classy!). We then 3D printed our first functional prototype. Once the prototype pleased us enough, we produced a micro-series in December 2018 that we sold at a university exhibition. We sold all of our units in one evening!

We have since received a lot of feedback that allowed us to create a version 2.0 of the Pixel Wallet - more solid and with higher quality materials. 

In November 2019, we launch a Kickstarter Campaign and rapidly gained momentum - our campaign was fully funded in less than 24H !! In 30 days, we got exposure in 100+ media and built an amazing community of 200+ backers. 

Now, we are pleased to offer our iconic wallet Pixel Wallet under our new brand name Maze Design in our online store and continue this awesome adventure by designing and adding other products that improve your everyday life. 



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